A R I S E Magazine: Helen Jennings

By 4th February 2010Fashion
Herro! How are you all today?
Keeping my resolutions, I’ve been manically busy and at times, been a bit schizophrenic. Today, I’ve got the day off to show you another illustration 
The lovely team of Sketchbook gave me another talented editor, Helen Jennings of ARISE Magazine, to illustrate.  Arise Magazine filled with vibrant fashion, culture and the arts of Africa. It’s an amazing magazine, so visually appeasing to look at, from interviews with the Noisettes (Go baby go baby go!) and the Rise of Obama. Go check the magazine out!
Acrylics paints and ink on drawing and watercolour paper.
Twas great fun to paint and I sincerely hope she likes it. Nevertheless it was a pleasure to paint, especially using the browns, sienna and yellow ochre. Definitely makes a change from dark blues and blacks. 

Even my paint brushes are so worn out. Need to buy new ones but I can’t bare to part with them. (Chocolate is an essential too, especially Montezuma’s.)

My Desktop studio. Paintbrushes, glue and chocolate, mmm…..
Next weekend, I’m going to Amsterdam!!!! Just realised and I am so so excited. Going to paint and draw and see space cakes. Also planning to do little valentines painting for my beloved.
Take care now and keep warm! xx

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