Beginner's Guide to painting and sketching outdoors. Destination: Thorpe Park! ~ June Sees
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Beginner's Guide to painting and sketching outdoors. Destination: Thorpe Park!

By 9th April 2015Art

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I had so many positive feedbacks with my sketches from Thorpe Park and I thought I’d share  my tips, and techniques for sketching outdoors.

I was so  lucky that the weather was gorgeous  for a road trip and day out at the Theme Park.

Yes, I did go on few rides and I instantly regretted it!  I haven’t been on rides  for  nearly 7 years!   To be honest, I do not miss it!

What I brought with me to Thorpe Park:
- 2 x bulldog clips
- Clip-on water pot
- 2 x Water Brush pens 
- Pilot .02 drawing pen
- DIY Watercolour kit
- A5 Sketchbook
- Pencil
- Book, "The Urban Sketching Handbook, Architecture and Cityscapes," by Gabriel Campanario

The Watercolours pan you see there, I was inspired by many photos on Pinterest of people’s

DIY  watercolour  I used a sweet tin which I love  how pretty it looks. Empty watercolour pans and tubes of watercolours and gouache.

Gouache has a lovely matte finish when dry and opaque.

I prefer the tubes compared to the pans because I can pick and mix the colours I need.  Also , I think it’s the acrylic painter in me.

Totally go with what you are comfortable with and what works for you.  Try out different methods to the one that’s  fits with you.

Preset mini watercolour sets with waterpot and  mini brush.

“The Urban Sketching Handbook, Architecture and Cityscapes,” by Gabriel Campanario I bought this book at a gift shop and I realised I needed to draw more cityscapes and architecture.

Tip that worked for me was outlining your horizons.

Don’t worry if you didn’t bring the right colours along  with you, mix your primary  colours and get closer to the colour you want.

Go with your instinct!  Visualise how you want your sketch to look on the page.

Get yourself a comfortable seat!

Have fun!

Quick Question: What’s your experiences sketching outdoor?  Have you  tried it yet? 

I love sharing  my tips and thoughts.

Share with me your photos of your urban and outdoor sketches! Tag me @Junesees on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading!  xx

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