First Pictures of the Big Draw Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt

By 19th October 2014 May 16th, 2019 Art, Business, Events, StoryHands
, - photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole).

Yesterday we went on the first two of our epic London exploration drawing walks in association with the Big Draw and the Family Arts Festival. Since we are repeating both the afternoon family event and the evening adult event in two weeks time, we don’t want to post any spoilers as to the route.

Watch this space for a proper round-up of the event and lots and lots of pictures of people having fun, drawing and exploring some of the more intriguing locations in the City of London after the 1st of November, but for now we’ll just whet your appetite with a few choice photos that we hope don’t give any of the game away.

In case you were wondering, it was really fun and all of the attendees did some great drawing, we were miraculously lucky with the weather too – it only ever seemed to start raining when we were about to go under cover. Here’s to an equally successful second instalment.



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