How UK Plus Size Fashion Week went for me

By 28th September 2015 April 11th, 2019 Events
, photo taken by June Chanpoomidole.

Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_07-1June_Sees_Blog_photos_UK Plus Size Fashion Week_201500_Web June_Sees_Blog_photos_UK Plus Size Fashion Week_hayley haselhoff soceity plus elvi collection 3 designers UKPSFWJune_Sees_Blog_photos_UK Plus Size Fashion Week_201502_Web June_Sees_Blog_photos_UK Plus Size Fashion Week_201501_Web

Hello my friends, how are you all?

illo-2I’m so sorry for the late blog post. if you can see my tweets, I have been very poorly lately. I’m feeling much better now, and I’m recovering and back to work.  Do you remember when I was live drawing at the UK Plus size Fashion week? I want to share with you my experiences working and drawing at this prestigious event.

I was feeling really nervous and excited. it was so lovely to draw different shapes and curves of women. There is such vitality to them, I wish I had more time to draw them. I met Hollie and Michaela. illo-3

I saw Callie who is  Plus

Who is a plus size model

UK Plus Size Fashion Week

It was amazing to draw such curvy  women

Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_06-1
Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_06-1_Fotor-2Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_07-1_Fotor8Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_07-2_Fotor-640Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_26-1_Fotor2Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_58-1_Fotor3Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_07-2_Fotor-640 Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_23-1Fashion portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_95Fashion-portraitsUKPSFW_13092015_97_feat_image

Thank you to my ever supporting husband Robert for looking after me and taking the photos of the event. I think he enjoyed himself.


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