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I'm in my late 20s and I got my first Christmas Tree

By 22nd December 2014Lifestyle


I wanted to tell you, that I got my first Christmas Tree. It is 6ft tall, plastic and I love it. A family friend kindly gave us the tree.

When I was a little girl, I did not really have a Christmas Tree. I only have a 2ft tall ‘tree’ and parodies of Christmas Tree.

One that was singing tree with sunglasses

One that was abstract paper mache

Never had one that is as tall as me.

It is so beautiful. I am putting the baubles up, tinsel

Now, I know my husband has had this traditional for many years. He is not enthusiastic as me to say the least. Not yet anyway, he has been working ever so hard. However, never having that traditional before just opened my eyes to simple pleasures.

Only for the past 5 odd years I have been making traditional Christmas dinners.

When I was a child, we only had KFC Bucket for Christmas or leftovers. I was looking forward to watching special Christmas movies.

Also now, I have made a life changing decision to go illustrating full time. I feel like this is a milestone. Christmas isn’t material gifts for me, I buy or make gift because I want to. It is the thought that counts and the people I give gifts to, have been a memorable part of the past year.

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