, photo taken by .

, photo taken by . I took part in the Instagram #marchmeetthemaker Challenge.

This Instagram challenge was set by Joanne Hawker, a designer and illustrator. This challenge was created to get to know the maker and their business story better.

Before this challenge, I did not post Instagram regularly or consistently. Admittedly I am a perfectionist, I knew that was a problem. I have missed one day so far. I missed Day 13 / Feedback but I will revisit this at some point.

I really enjoyed doing this challenge and it has led me to see and connect with other makers, designers and entrepreneurs. It’s so refreshing and nice to see how others work behind the scenes and read about their stories.

It’s so rewarding to see that there is a community out there for us. Try this challenge for yourself!

Even if you missed the March challenge, you can still try it out and show me what you’ve done!

Comment on my Instagram photos and I’ll check out your posts.

Thank you always for connecting with me.  June xx

All the photos here can be found on my Instagram page.


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