So what happens after you faced your Creative Block?

By 11th August 2012 October 17th, 2017 Illustration
, photo taken by June Chanpoomidole.

This illustration I call, “The Comeback Kid” follows up from, “Taking the Bull by the Horn.” Also exhibited at The Picture Show Exhibition.

So what happens after you faced your obstacles, your creative block? You move forward and come out of it safely and stronger. I wanted to explore this and I had lots of ideas for composition, some were too literal. In the end, I kept this illustration simple and minimal, just about the “Comeback Kid.”

Human beings have always tested the time to survive. That’s naturally our basic instinct. No matters what happens in our lives, the struggles we face, the gnawing worry in our gut and our overworked bodies; we push forward. Keep Calm and Carry On, right?.. (Horribly overused and over saturated phrase, I know :P) How do you face your creative block? Do you have a motto you live by? It’ll be great to hear what you think.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to xx


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