Unlimited: Candoco Dance Performance ~ June Sees
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Unlimited: Candoco Dance Performance

By 7th September 2012Everything Else, Uncategorised

Hello! How is everyone today?

Thank you for all the likes and subscribing to my WordPress, really made my days.

It’s been slowing down a bit, because I am fortunate to get tickets to the Paralympic games with not only one but THREE events. (That took me by surprise especially one minute there was no tickets found and then there’s was to available.

As part of the Paralympic games, to coincide there is a Arts festival around the Sount Bank Centre. Quite rightely named, “Unlimited” Festival.

You can check out all the events here:

There are some really cool and FREE workshops you can go to and performances going on.

What got my attention was the Candoco Dance Company. Just look at the trailer. It looks so fascinating so I booked tickets and I want to see it for myself.

I used to dance when I was a little girl and I never got back into it.

Also I am doing an illustration/dance project too. So I got this month booked up.

After seeing the games for myself, I felt real admiration and respect for the athletes taking part with any impairment, that they can dust off all that has happened to them and carry on. It’s that sheer desire to achieve and live, that does it for me.

Which is why I going to enjoy the performance tonight.

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