So last night was the hellohead, Illustration exhibition, and I was in the first hour slot to create live portraits.  Each portraits drawn costs £2 that all goes to the National Autistic Society. I was incredibly nervous, I think my hands were trembling slightly. But once I got into the swing, I really enjoyed it. I wanted to draw and paint more people.  Who wouldn’t? The atmosphere was electric and all the illustrators live drawing, built an audience. Also all illustration exhibited were a sight to see. Every one of them individual as the other.

[slideshow] One of my favourites is Pietari Posti vision of Sandra Dieckmann. Who I am SUCH a fan of Posti. His use of gorgeous colours and simplicity are so effective. I have his book on my studio bookshelf.

I really enjoyed myself and I saw my friends and met many great illustrators. Thanks so much for Rosie and Lucy who organised the event. Definitely worth checking hellohead out, if you want to see more illustrations. Apparently all together with the silent auction combined with the live portrait drawing, we raised over £2000 for National Autistic Society! Woo, go team.

You can check more  photos on my album.

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