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Hello my friends! It’s my birthday today! 17th June hehe. I love to tell you about the recent project I’ve been working on

My illustrations are on Youtube! Yes, Pauper to Princess and I created Illustrated look book for her Youtube video.

I love working with like-minded creatives and I had the pleasure of collaborating with Louise Croft of Pauper to Princess; a Beauty and Thrifty Fashion blogger who with a keen eye for style and value. She had an idea of combining fashion illustrations with her look book videos on her Youtube channel. I was so happy to jump on board and make this vision happen.

floral maxi dress June sees illustration for youtube video Fashion vlog 70s fashion June sees illustration for youtube video Fashion vlog monogram shirt shorts June sees illustration for youtube video Fashion vlog

From conception to creation, I’ve done three fashion illustrations and accompany typography to coincide with the illustration and video. and the result is this! Wow! I love the combination of imagery and film footage together – looks seamless.

Definitely, check out her Youtube Channel, where she talks Beauty, charity hauls and travels around Thailand and Sri Lanka to name a few! If you like the video, please comment and give a thumbs up – let us know what you think!

Enjoy! Thanks for reading xx

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