Merry Christmas my friends, and a Happy New Year!

This is for my friends and followers, Thank you so much for all your support. I could not do what I do and love without your involvement. Most importantly, thank you for your time to engage with me and read my tweets, posts and blog.

My illustrated Christmas Card: “Yay Presents!”

I hope you all have a relaxing and stress-free Christmas. Lots of yummy food and presents! Remember it’s the thought that counts! I most likely will post up photos of the Christmas Feast I am cooking up tomorrow for my family.

I’m in charge of the Kitchen tomorrow, cooking up a feast for my family.

I most likely will post up photos of the Christmas lunch.

Follow me, @Junesees on my Instagram to see my delicious Festive spread.

Take it easy on yourself. Cherish your moment well spent with your friends and family.

Love from June xx

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