Evening! It’s been awhile from my last post, and foremost

See ‘the Ideal Period’ here
Quick illustration update. Another beauty for Amelia’s Magazine, one about the…ahem Mooncup.  See the full article here.

An alternative to tampons, and my best friend uses it religiously. This was a challenge, especially my first impressions of this product feels icky.  So I thought the retro ‘pin up’ girl theme advert would be suitable, making it less icky and more sexy hehe. 

Finally, I’m on my internship at Penguin Group with Dorling Kindersley, and I am loving every minute of it. I am learning so much how publishing works and also how illustrators are commissioned/ working within the team, etc. Also really truly understand how much of the work goes into these amazing extensive books.  So it explains my lack of presence on the good ol’ internet. 

Let me know if you enjoy this and I speak to you soon! Have a lovely week xx

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