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Hello my Friends, How are you this Tuesday? It’s been a jam-packed week and I am still recovering from it to be honest!

This is what I got up to last week:
- Urban Sketching at Thorpe Park
- Pound Fit (it's a new fitness craze using weighted drumsticks
It's like you're drumming but without the instrument!) 
- Yoillo London Illustration Meet up 
- Bloggers Event at the Royal Academy
- Visited Renegade Craft Fair at Brick Lane
- Celebrating Songkran, Thai New Year!

Oh No Rachio: Ah I love this lady, her stuff on Instagram always amazes me. Brought a succulent for a friend, and she loved it.

Junesees-blog-renegade-london-craft-fair-2015_9_Fotor I wanted  to share with you all  my experiences and photos from Renegade Spring Craft Fair. It was my first trip to Renegade after many of my friends recommended me to go.  Since Renegade mainly hosts the fairs in the US, I was delighted that they are coming to London! I invited my friend Jo Cheung  along with me for a  day out. It was a modest haul, I would say. The best thing about visiting was meeting my favourite creatives  and makers whom I’m following on Instagram and  Twitter. It is so nice to put the face to the name and meet them in person.   Junesees-blog-renegade-london-craft-fair-2015_04_FotorIt was  nice to see Harriet of Hello Harriet again, and see Oh Squirrel shop! Apologies I didn’t take good photos of them. Go check them out! I really enjoyed myself, definitely looking forward  to the next craft fair.

Question: Have you been to Renegade Craft Fairs?  If so, what did you think? 

I’ve been using Instagram so much lately. Lots of Fun!

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See you soon! Thank you for reading xx



Geo-Fleur: Brought one of Geo-Fleur’s mint green ceramic vases. She looks so pretty! http://www.geo-fleur.com/


Ubyme_BCN: Two ladies from Barcelona starting up their crafty housewares business. I brought one of their vases, an ingenious way of hanging flowers. http://www.ubymebcn.com/


Rosa Pietsch Hand Resin and Laser-cut Jewellery: Had a lovely time talking to Rosa. Go check out her out!


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