Hiya! How are you all been this week?
Just a quick post for tonight. Been sketching and putting good use to my Moleskine.
And I have to say, drawing from life, especially while on a LONG train journey was definitely therapeutic and inspirational. Today, it was worth learning from drawing from life than investing in costly life drawing classes.
Let me know what you think, which is YOUR preference:
Have a good night and a lovely week. xx


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  • Oh moleskine does wonders for your sketching. hehe but random bits of paper I should try and experiment.
    Mmm drawing on the train tis fun. especially you got tricks up your sleeves XD

  • itslikeart says:

    ooh I've been meaning to get a moleskine (instead of scribbling on scraps of paper hehee!) I love drawing just to draw, I think I need to go on a train somewhere 🙂

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