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Hello my friends, how are you all today?

On 31st August 2015, last Monday,  I was celebrating my 2 year Wedding anniversary with my husband, Robert. You might have heard of him referred as  ‘Hubby.’

Can’t believe time flies, since our wedding day. We were so lucky to have a bright, sunny day compared to the rain  this year, but it did not dampen the mood on our trip.

I’ve never been to Warminster before, it’s in-between Bath and Salisbury. I wanted to share you all my what we got up to in the English Countryside.

I hope my photos  brightens your day too. 

It didn’t help that Rob and I   do not drive. Buses and public transport are pretty decent, so  we didn’t need to back where we live.

But yes! We relied on our feet and taxi cabs. Note to self: goals for next year is to drive! 

We stayed at the hotel and spa,  for two nights. Since  we both loved the place, we extended our break and stayed locally using AirBNB for the first time.

First time using Airbnb and booking a room on short notice, my best advice is to read the reviews and get in contact with the house or B&B owner.


The Idyllic cottage where we stayed at Airbnb, click on this photos if you want to book your stay.


We stayed in an idyllic cottage in Horningsham, in the middle of nowhere! Even the cab driver got lost and we had to ask for directions at the nearest pub.

The family (Sanjay and Bhopinder) we were staying are so  nice and accommodating. Especially we didn’t drive! There were so understanding and helped us out the best they can.

Also,  I thoroughly  enjoyed running an impromptu  and drawing tutorial to their children. Similar to  the Sketchbook Scavenger Hunt I ran last year and won the prize for!

We visited Longleat House and Safari Park which I totally recommend  you to go!  It is So much better than London Zoo because of the 900-acres of land for the animals to roam!

Since Rob and I don’t drive, there is a Safari Bus which you pay £5 separately to the driver and you ride through the park in this brightly coloured bus. We sat on the top deck and it was AWESOME!

June_Sees_Blog_Warminster_web_32_03092015 June_Sees_Blog_Warminster_web_28_03092015June_Sees_Blog_Warminster_web_42_03092015June_Sees_Blog_Warminster_web_41_03092015

We saw Tigers, Lions and lionesses, wolves, deers, cheeky monkeys,  and more. I got up close with penguins and feed cute sea lions.

I totally recommend once in a while going to the Countryside. I loved the peacefulness and slower pace. I loved the greenery and the landscapes. I even loved the farm animals!


Robert and the T-Rex!

Now I’m back and feeling slightly refreshed but determined to study for my driving theory test.

Quick question for you all, Where did you go on your Summer holidays? 

Love to hear what you got up to on your Summer holidays.

This is not a sponsored or affiliated post. I just want to support Sanjay and his family because they made our stay really comfortable.


  • Moritz says:

    Looks very enjoyable. The British Countryside is something utterly amazing. I enjoyed all my trips that didn’t have London as a destination so far. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • June Sees says:

      Thank you Moritz for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog post 🙂 Have you been to the British countryside before? I recommend Airbnb if you haven’t done so before.

      • Moritz says:

        My pleasure! 🙂 I’ve been to Oxford and the surrounding cities when I was a child and enjoyed it very much. In my later ages, I just had the pleasure to go to London and Manchester so far. But who knows if I’ll get the opportunity soon again 🙂

        • June Sees says:

          I haven’t been to Oxford as of yet! It’s on my travel wish list. I think it’s so handy if you can drive. It’ll be a dream to rent a car and explore the surrounding areas. Btw, have you been to Thailand before? 🙂

          • Moritz says:

            Not yet! We are flying over to Bangkok (sadly, just to Bangkok) for four nights in December, but as the country is said to be amazing, we’ll surely return! 🙂

          • June Sees says:

            Sorry for the late reply! That sounds lovely, are you travelling around Thailand or staying in Bangkok? If you need any recommendations or tips, feel free to message me. Thailand is my homeland 🙂

          • Moritz says:

            Sadly, we are just in Bangkok for this trip. Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to get tips on what to do in the city 🙂

          • June Sees says:

            Aw there will be plenty to see and do in Bangkok 🙂 It’s such a buzzing city at night, so much delicious street foods and cultural places. I will write up a post at some point about Art galleries in Thailand. It depends what you would like to see the most 🙂

          • Moritz says:

            The street food and the cultural places are something I was already told about. It’ll be interested to learn more about galleries, too 🙂

          • June Sees says:

            Got it! If there is a demand to know about the galleries and cultural places to see in Thailand, then I’ll do a post. 🙂

          • Moritz says:

            It definitely is. I think there’s always demand for posts like this 😉

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